4 Flowers That Symbolize Love...that aren't roses!

Love Flowers That Will Make The Perfect Gift To Show Your Feelings!

Whether you're shopping for Valentine's Day or a special occasion and you want to show your love, flowers are a surefire way to get the message across. But what if you want to give some flowers that symbolize love but aren't roses? I got you! Below are four popular and beautiful flowers that each mean love in a different way.


The peony is a symbol of love and romance, representing prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage in various cultures. In particular, the peony is often associated with deep emotions and compassion, making it a powerful symbol for romantic love. Its lush and vibrant blooms are considered an embodiment of affection, making peonies a popular choice in conveying heartfelt sentiments and expressing love. Perennial peonies can live for a century, blooming year after year. Because of this, the peony is also a symbol for eternal love. Peonies are also an official flower for 12th wedding anniversaries.

Once China's national flower, the peony earned nicknames like "flower of riches and honor" and "king of the flowers." Symbolizing wealth and prosperity, peonies are ideal for gardens aiming to foster abundance or areas of life seeking growth, making them thoughtful gifts for graduations and new ventures. With their large, intricate blossoms, peonies represent long-term success and are symbols of prosperity for those embarking on new beginnings.


Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and warmth in the context of love. Their vibrant yellow petals, resembling the sun, represent positivity and happiness, making sunflowers a powerful symbol of joy in relationships. As a gift, sunflowers convey feelings of admiration and a strong, unwavering love that brightens the recipient's life. 

In some Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, sunflowers are considered sacred and represent spiritual enlightenment. Their ability to turn towards the sun is seen as a metaphor for the human quest for enlightenment and self-realization

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do. – Helen Keller


Daisies symbolize true love and soulmates. Often associated with feelings of loyalty and commitment, daisies convey a sense of emotional purity and faithfulness in romantic relationships. The classic white petals surrounding a sunny yellow center evoke a timeless and sincere expression of love and devotion. It is also a flower that symbolizes friendship. Just like love, Daisy represents close and loyal friendships. Whether in joy or sorrow, in success or hardship, they always stand by each other.


Forget-me-nots symbolize enduring love, faithfulness, and remembrance. These delicate blue flowers are associated with a promise to remember someone always, making them a poignant emblem of true and lasting love. To give someone forget-me-nots is to tell them they will forever be in your thoughts and in your heart.


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