The Best Keepsake Personalized Baby Gifts

The Best Personalized Baby Gifts!

I was a family photographer for 13 years and during my career, I stepped foot inside hundreds of nurseries. And I noticed something interesting...almost all of them had the same art on the walls. If you've ever been in a baby nursery, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. Those baby animal head portraits. Now, don't get me wrong, I'll admit they're cute. But after seeing them so often, I really started to wonder, is there nothing else for parents to choose? What about the parents who want to decorate their baby's nursery with decor that doesn't scream 'baby'? What happens when the baby moves into a big kid room? Surely they wouldn't want those baby animals on their walls. So, I took it upon myself to create a line of art prints that could be used as nursery decor and that the baby could grow with instead of outgrow. But could also be repurposed around your home! And in this process, I ended up creating some amazing personalized baby gifts, which I am about to show you.

I bet you've never seen this kind of Custom Birth Print before!

This custom birth print makes an awesome personalized baby gift! It features the baby's names as well as their birthplace (or hometown, it's up to you the location you'd like to put) and birthdate. You can select from over 15 designs for the centre picture, choosing from either flowers or tree leaves.

I wanted it to be reminiscent of the information you'd find on a botanical poster; where the plant is native to and when it's in bloom. I love how timeless, clean and modern the design is and how it really will become an heirloom in time. Imagine you gift this to a baby and down the road, their grandchild has it up in their home. A family heirloom of sorts!


photo of a custom name print for personalized baby gifts featuring the flower lilac and the name Sophia. It is in a light wood frame beside a collection of rainbow colour books with yellow tulips on top.

photo of a custom name print for personalized baby gifts featuring the dogwood flower and the name William. It is in a light wood frame with a wooden hand carved rocking horse beside.

The best part? These prints aren't just for babies! They can also be art for kids rooms too. Which was exactly my intention when I started this business, to create art a baby can grow with.

This mom below let her son design his own print and lo and behold, he chose pretty flowers. I love it! My 5 yr old nephew designed his and chose the hydrangeas and he said, 'even boys can like flowers too!'


Your second option for the perfect gift - Custom Name Print!

If the above print isn't what you're after and you're looking for more simple personalized baby gifts, then the custom name print is perfect for you.

This print features the baby's names alongside a beautiful floral or tree inspired design. Just like the custom birth print, there are over 15 designs to choose from.

It's simple, clean and modern and a piece of art that the child will grow up with. 

It could even be used in the mudroom above the kids coat rack!

image of a custom name print making a great personalized baby gifts. It has zinnia flowers on it with the name Olivia.

image of a custom name print making a great personalized baby gifts. It has a cedar leaf on it with the name James..

Whether you're shopping for your own baby or a loved ones newest addition, our personalized baby gifts are exactly what you're looking for! After noticing a lack of diversity in nursery art, I created timeless pieces that grow with your child, transitioning seamlessly from nursery to big kid room. Our custom birth prints and name prints offer a modern twist on traditional nursery decor, featuring floral and forest-inspired designs. These personalized baby gifts not only liven up nursery walls but become cherished keepsakes for years to come. Choose from over 15 designs, creating a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your little one's space.

Click the link below and check out the options we have in store!

Create yours today and give the gift of lasting memories!


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