Meet Alex and Learn Her Process

Learn about how our unique floral art is created by hand using a process not seen anywhere else!

1. First I find a beautiful flower, leaf or plant. Majority of the plants and flowers used are grown in or around my garden or discovered on my travels. I also source flowers from local florists, farmers, forests and gardens. I'm very mindful about not over picking wild flowers and try my absolute best to use fallen branches rather than cutting from a tree.

2. I then stamp the flowers and leaves using an ink pad and paper. This part is very fun because I never know how the petals will hold the ink and what the stamp will look like. I then trace around each stamp with a thin black marker. This helps the scanner pick up the details of the stamp.

3. Then I scan the stamps into my computer, import them into Adobe Illustrator and turn them into vectors.

4. Now for the really fun part! I colour the stamps and put the flower/plant back together. It often times feels like solving a puzzle. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I don't consider a piece finished until I would hang it in my own home. This often involves a bunch of test prints until I feel like the colour is just right and the size and placement of the flowers looks as realistic as possible.

Watch the video below to see the stamping and tracing process, as well as the final result. (The missing part of the process is me sitting at my computer like Quasimodo.)

Meet The Artist Behind Fleurdinand

 After being a family photographer for 13 years and stepping foot inside hundreds of family homes, especially nurseries, I started to notice that the nursery decor for each baby's room looked very similar and had the same art up on the animal heads. If you've ever set foot inside a nursery, you know what I'm talking about!


I quickly became very tired of seeing these same boring baby animal heads everywhere and decided I wanted to create my own line of art that followed the same template, could be used in gallery walls or single one off pieces, but that didn't scream baby. I wanted to create art that is clean and timeless and that could be used again in the baby's big kid room when they grew up OR repurposed in the house if the kid didn't want it in their room anymore. You certainly can't put up baby animal heads in your living room ha!

After some playing around and essentially inventing my artistic process with stamping flowers, Fleurdinand was born and the rest as they say, is history.


I have been a daydreamer and artist my whole life. I am Always happiest when I'm using my hands to create. For 13 years, I worked professionally as a photographer documenting weddings and families around the world. I am most inspired by nature, wildlife, light and travel. I enjoy spending my time making art, antique hunting & thrift shopping, shooting fine art film images, upcycling furniture, hiking with my dogs and gardening.

I live in a century farmhouse in Ontario, Canada with my giant dog-cat, Panda and senior rescue dog, Gerda.


I have always believed in adopting dogs in need, especially older furry friends. I have a personal rule that I will only adopt pets aged 5 and up and I believe in giving senior dogs their best last chapter in life. A portion of every sale is donated to Speaking of Dogs Forever in Foster program. This program takes in dogs who are either too old or too ill to be adopted out and takes care of all of their medical needs while they spend their remaining time in the loving home of a foster parent. 

Alex is pictured here with Gene (RIP) the yorkie (adopted at the age of 12 from a Quebec shelter), Gerda the spaniel (adopted at the age of 8 from a Mexican shelter) and Panda the cat (adopted at the age of 5 from a hoarding situation). 


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