Why Forever Flowers make the Ultimate Gifts for Flower Lovers

3 Reasons Why Forever Flowers make the Ultimate Gifts for Flower Lovers

Have you heard about forever flowers? They’re typically real flowers that have been preserved in glycerin and will stand the test of time for years. A few years ago, I actually preserved some magnolia and ginkgo leaves in glycerin as an experiment and those leaves are still in tip top shape, so this method when done on a commercial level is likely amazing.

But I wanted to write and explain why I think forever flowers in the form of floral wall decor makes the best gifts for flower lovers. 

Have you heard about the study on giving flowers?

You can read all about it here but essentially, in 2005, a 10 month study was conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Rutgers in which participants were studied when given flowers and the results concluded that the receiving of flowers is a powerful positive emotion inducer. Women who received flowers reported more positive moods 3 days later. So I would have to argue that if real flowers have this effect, surely forever flowers in the form of floral wall decor would have similar if not the same...don't you think?

Giving someone a beautiful piece of art of their favourite flower or a flower that has meaning behind it is super thoughtful. When they display it, they’ll always be reminded of not only you but also of what the flower means to them. Have you ever received a piece of art as a gift? I have and the times I have, I can tell you that it feels very special to be given art. It really makes you feel thought of.

All this to say, if you’re looking for some gifts for flower lovers and aren’t sure what to buy, why not consider forever flowers in the form of floral wall decor? Take a look at the flowers we have available and if you don’t see what you’re after, please feel free to let me know in the comments below! I’m always happy to hear what flowers that people want to see!

Floral Art Will Last…Forever

The glycerin preserved forever flowers will last years before they perish, but guess what will last for hundreds of years. You guessed it, archive quality giclée printed art. Which just so happens to be the method I use to create my floral wall decor!! Each piece is printed on cotton rag paper using museum quality inks which basically means, once your art is framed and hung, it will last for hundreds of years without fading.

Forever Flowers Are Easy To Care For

Floral wall art requires zero water or sunlight. Making it the perfect gift for flower lovers who perhaps don’t have a green thumb. All they need to do is hang their beautifully framed piece of art and that’s it! I mean, a dusting now and then could be good but honestly, who remembers to dust their art? Definitely not me.


If you're seeking a special gift for a flower lover, consider exploring forever flowers in the form of floral wall decor, ensuring a lasting and meaningful impact.

Click this link below and browse the blooms we have in store!


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